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Liturgical Ministers

Contact our Parish Office at 410-242-0131 if you are interested in serving as a liturgical minister

•  Environment (decorating the church)

We are in need of volunteers to help decorate the church at various times during the year, especially at Christmas and Easter.

•  Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

We help feed Jesus’ flock by distributing the body of Christ as Eucharistic Ministers.  You must be a practicing Catholic and at least 18 years old.

•  Lectors/Readers

We help proclaim the word of God in Scripture as Lectors.  You must be a practicing Catholic of at least high school age, and have a good speaking voice.


•  Cross Bearers/Altar Servers

The liturgy of a parish represents the most significant activity of the people.  Young people can serve the parish by becoming cross bearers/altar servers.  You must be in at least the 5th grade and be able to follow and remember directions.  You will start as a cross bearer, and move up to being an altar server when you have become more familiar with the responsibilities.


•  Sacristans

The sacristan, under the general direction of the pastor, undertakes the overall preparation of liturgical celebrations.  The sacristan arranges the books needed for the celebration, marking all of the divisions. He or she lays out the vestments and anything else needed for the celebration, such as cruets, chalices, ciboria, linens, oils, processional crosses, candles, and torches.


•  Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality

Ushers greet the people as they enter church, see that they find a seat, and attend to any special need (handicap seating or lends assistance to anyone who may take sick during mass).  An Usher helps takes up the collection and sees that it is put on the altar at the offertory. New ushers are always needed and should be at least 10 years old.