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Staying the Course Mortgage Reduction Fund

When Father Timothy Klunk became pastor in 2000, it was clear that the church was in need of renovation. Over the next 2 years, the Pastor, Pastoral Council, Pastoral Staff, Finance Committee, and school Principal worked to develop the Master Plan for the entire parish community, and in 2004, the parish rolled out the “Continuing the Tradition of Victory” fundraising campaign to fund this work, with a goal to raise $1,000,000. By the time construction began in the summer of 2008, the estimate for the project had increased well beyond the initial $1,000,000 estimate, so the parish rolled out a follow-on fundraising campaign (“Embracing the Vision”) to offset the increased construction costs. The final cost was approximately $1,800,000.

The Parish currently has a mortgage debt for this construction and has decided to combine the two previous campaigns, as well as our monthly mortgage collection, into a single fund called “Staying the Course Mortgage Reduction Fund.” Our goal is to pay off the mortgage debt as quickly as possible.

Please be sure to be part of this worthy effort by making a gift or continuing your contributions to the monthly mortgage collection as your means permit. Please contact Jim McDonnell in the parish office at 410-242-0131, ex 234 for more information.