First Penance

First Penance marks an important milestone in the development of a child’s moral life: an awakening within him/her of the understanding of sin and its effects on one’s relationship with God and with other people.

Typically this sacrament is received at second grade level or beyond. A year of advance preparation in a Catholic school or Religious Education Program is required. Then, the following year, a process of preparation for children and their families is offered. This immediate preparation for Penance must also be supported by inclusion in an on-going Faith Formation Program in a Catholic school or parish.

The sacramental preparation process for Penance is a “free-standing” process, separate from Our Lady of Victory School or G.I.F.T. program. Entrance into the process is based on readiness and desire of the child and family. Typically this process begins in the fall of each year and concludes with a celebration of First Penance during Lent.

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