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The celebration of the Sacrament of Matrimony is a joyous occasion, as two people commit themselves to living a life of love together. The Church bears witness to their love and promises to support them in good times and in bad.

To properly prepare to be married here at OLV, you should contact the parish office at least 6 months in advance. It is crucial that make this contact first, before the reception is planned.

To be married here at OLV, the bride or groom should be a registered member or living within our boundaries and willing to register. All engaged couples will need to attend a marriage preparation program.

Documents needed for the initial meeting with the priest or deacon include copies of Baptism Certificates for both bride and groom (if applicable). If this is a second marriage for one or both parties, a divorce decree and a Decree of Nullity from a competent Tribunal is required before marriage in the Church can take place. To begin the annulment process, contact the Archdiocese of Baltimore Marriage Tribunal.

Contact Deacon Dan Michaud or our Parish Office at 410-242-0131 for information.


Marriage Preparation- The Office of Marriage is unable to fulfill marriage preparation packet requests at this time. FOCCUS inventories can still be processed. The Office works with a number of online marriage preparation programs that can support your parish at this time:

Agape Catholic Marriage Preparation – Fee: $194 – $245 – Language: English, Spanish, French

Living Our Faith in Love – Fee: $195 20% discount: $156 – Languages: English, Captioning in English and Spanish

Smart Loving – Fee: $68 – $273 – Languages: English Unveiled– Fee: $190 – Languages: English

Unveiled– Fee: $190 – Languages: English