For young people, the Sacrament of Confirmation fully initiates them into the life of the Church and requires a commitment from themselves as well as their parents. Here at Our Lady of Victory Parish, once a young person has completed the eighth grade, they may come forward for the sacrament.

An interview with the potential candidate and his/her parent begins the process. There are catechetical sessions (classes) for the candidate. A service project is required as well. Candidates attend a meeting with their parents as well as a meeting with their sponsors. The candidates and sponsors work on a project together as well.  This process covers an academic year beginning in the summer before ninth grade and culminating with the celebration in an Archdiocesan group Confirmation on the feast of Pentecost.

Adults seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation will not go through the process with the teens but will have a similar program to help them prepare for the sacrament.

Contact Cassandra Palmer at or call the Parish Office, 410-242-0131.