Health Room Notes

Medication Administration Information

Any medication to be administered during school hours must be provided by the parent.

A physician or other authorized health care provider must complete   and sign the Our Lady of Victory School medication order forms for all   medication. This includes over the counter medication, homeopathic   medication, as well as prescription medication. A separate order form is   required for each medication and a new order is required each school   year. A parent signature to authorize administration of medication at   school is also required.

A new medication order form is required for any change in medication dose, time of administration or route of administration.

The first dose of any new medication must be given at home.

All medication must be stored in the original container and labeled   with the student’s name, date of medication order, name of medication,   dosage and strength of medication, route, time and frequency of   medication and the name of the prescribing health care provider. This   refers to both prescription and over the counter medication.

Medication orders and medication should be delivered to the school   nurse by the parent. Students are not permitted to transport and deliver   medication to school.

The school nurse must review the medication order form with a parent   and approve the order before the first dose of any medication can be   administered at school.

All medication kept in the school will be stored in a locked area   accessible only to authorized personnel. Individual consideration will   be given to students whose physicians request emergency medication be   kept in a child’s classroom.

Student confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible by   school staff. At the discretion of the nurse, school personnel may need   to be aware that a student is receiving medication in order to monitor   for effectiveness, adverse reaction or because the staff member has   responsibility for the student outside of the school (recess, field   trip). Information will be shared on a need to know basis.

Under no circumstances may any medication be administered to a   student unless the procedures for medication administration in schools,   outlined by the Maryland State Board of Nursing, are followed. The   school does not assume responsibility for medication administered   outside this procedure.

Expired medication will not be administered. Expired medication may be picked up by a parent or discarded by the nurse.

Downloadable Health Forms

Maryland State School Medication Administration Authorization Form

Maryland Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene Immunization Cert.

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