Schedule of Tuition & Fees 2016 – 2017
Grades PreK-8 Catholic Other Faith
1 Child $5,625 $6,790
2 Children $9,560 $11,540
3 Children $12,650 $15,270
Hardbound textbooks and consumable workbooks are included in tuition. The Maryland State Textbook Funding Grant has been credited to the above tuition rates per student. For tuition assistance, call the school office for information.
Special Fees and Supplies
Student Activity Fee – Per Child (Includes Technology, Art, PowerSchool, Standardized Testing, Yearbook, and Archdiocesan Fees) $250
Eighth Grade Graduation Fee (Includes Processing of High School Applications, Transcripts, Graduation Ceremony, Awards, Reception, Graduation Party.) $125
*Pre-Kindergarten Supplies (**Includes sleeping mat) $75
*Kindergarten Supplies $70
* Supplies are distributed by the teacher as needed throughout the year. The student activity fee will be billed with the tuition. Special charges will be billed separately from the business office. They are separate from the tuition and activity fee.

HSA Service Program – Per Family  $250.

(Single Parent Household – $125.)

FACTS fee-$40, if payments are monthly or quarterly

FACTS Tuition Management Program

FACTS Grant and Aid